Last year we welcomed our beautiful daughter Thea into the world, but how she arrived was completely unexpected, click here to see my birth story. See, when you get pregnant (well for me at least) I thought that it was going to be all rainbows and fluffy clouds and I was going to be glowing with pregnancy radiance…. I’m actually laughing writing this! Now I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy because I did. I absolutely loved being pregnant, even with the SPD, Nausea and headaches I flipping loved being pregnant. when I was around 7 months pregnant I was looking at writing my birth plan. This is when I came across hypnobirthing. What is hypnobirthing you ask, well according to hypnobirthing.co.ukHypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education. Hypnobirthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques. Whatever kind of birth you’re planning – homebirth, hospital, birthing centre or whatever – Hypnobirthing can help.”

I started researching this a bit and went on YouTube to have a look at some videos of people who have used hypnobirthing. I follow some lovely ladies on YouTube and 2 that stood out were Emily Norris and Louise Pentland. Emily had put on her birth story and went into how she stayed calm and managed to have a home birth with the help of hypnobirthing. I started looking into positive affirmations and downloaded a few onto my phone. it wasn’t until January when Louise gave birth to beautiful Pearl that I found The Positive Birth Company, I watched the birth stories on the website and absolutely wanted to try hypnobirthing. Now I was very heavily pregnant at this time and I wish I had jumped into hypnobirthing a bit more but I didn’t, so much happened in my lasts months of pregnancy that I didn’t really have any me time. I had a bit of a read and watched the YouTube videos but I didn’t really look into anything more. I didn’t even read into anything about C-Sections as I just didn’t think that would happen to me…. Now looking back onto my birth story I know that my C-Section couldn’t have been avoided, Thea was in distress and her heart rate was all over the place. I know this but I still feel like my body failed in someway. now in no way am I saying that people who have had C-sections have failed, wether it be elective or emergency. I just felt so ready for my body to go through a natural process of giving birth and I felt a bit cheated out of it. Whatever way your baby comes into this world it is beautiful and precious.

It took a good 4 months for my body to feel a bit normal after having Thea, and it was at this time that I felt like if I had a vaginal birth I could have been more comfortable and enjoyed it a bit more.

Me and Danny have talked and we would definitely love to have more children in the future. But I have a problem in that I’m now terrified that the same thing will happen. All the hypnobirthing that I have read about doesn’t go into inductions, C-sections and so on. I am on the Positive Birth Company mailing list and I received an email a few weeks ago about Siobhan Miller’s new book and that she will be doing a book launch. It was literally like a spark inside me lit and I just knew I had to go. I had read since having Thea so many lovely positive birth stories and I wanted to educate myself more.

The book launch took place in Birmingham and I decided to take my mum with me. Danny booked the day off work to look after Thea and we caught the train down in the afternoon. I haven’t really spent that much time with my mum just the two of us so it was really lovely to have some time together. We went out for dinner at Jamie’s Italian which was amazing and headed over to Waterstones to get ready for the event. I had never been to a book launch before so didn’t really know what to expect. It was really good though as there wasn’t a huge amount of people and it felt quite intimate.

I met Siobhan and Louise and they were super lovely, they were happy to answer any questions we had and we all had a bit of a chat and talked about the book. we also had some question time. Going in to this I didn’t really have any questions to ask but as we were opening up i felt compelled to ask a question. I explained my fear, which was that having an emergency C-section the first time, what advice would you give for staying in control and relaxed if the same situation arises. Siobhan’s answer was so clear and made complete sense to me. She said to make a birth plan for any situation that arises, that way you can still be in control and things will be more relaxed if plans have to change (This is also written in her book). We had a brilliant time and I’m honestly feeling so much more positive for when the time comes when we would like more children in the future. I also met some really lovely mums and had some great conversations.

Hypnobirthing isn’t this hippy mumbo jumbo thing, It is actually very scientific. It is understanding how birth works from a physiological perspective and how hormones play a major role in labour, and what muscles are required to birth. It is teaching your body and mind how to relax whilst going through a positive process all whilst staying in control.

Hope you enjoyed reading, leave me a comment if you have any questions.


Keira x


*Not sponsored, book and ticket to event purchased with my own money





Big NCT Meet Up

Today was the day we got to have an official meet up with the lovely NCT couples. When I look back and think of when me and Danny were booking it I give my past self a high-five!

It was brilliant seeing everyone, they really are all lovely. I’m glad that we all keep in touch. The lovely Zerin was there too and it was so nice to speak to her.

Can you believe there are 21 people in this photo!

I think were all doing a great job being parents!

Keira x

Well Needed Catch Up

I still can’t drive at the moment but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see my friends from the NCT group and snuggly all the scrummy babies!

My dad bless him drove me around and I got to have a good catch up with some of the ladies and admire their little bundles of joy! Its great having these ladies in my life, they’re a great support ❤

Much Love

Keira x

My Hospital Stay

Me and Thea spent 2 nights in hospital being observed. Thea was being observed every 4 hours and having checks done incase she had swallowed any of the amniotic fluid.

The first night was hard. I was still numb from the epidural and had a catheter in so was unable to get out of bed. I had to call the nurses every time I needed to change Thea’s nappy or get anything from my bag.

Honestly I just wanted to go home, I was breastfeeding and it felt like she was permanently attached to me. I was on iron tablets and blood thinning injections and I just wanted to be in my own home, in my own bed. Danny was able to spend most of the day with me but I didn’t sleep. The whole time I was there I didn’t sleep, with the ward lights on and hearing other babies crying as well as my own sleep didn’t exist.

My family came to meet little Thea and they all loved and adored her. She was showered with love and gifts.

Auntie Rhe Rhe cuddles


On my second day the nurses came round to help me up out of bed. Oh My Word! the pain was awful I still had a dressing over my wound but they let me have a shower and get some clean pyjamas on.

The observations started to overlap so they were coming over every 2 hours for Thea and 2 hours for me, every time they woke Thea up to check her temperature and heart rate, I was so exhausted. All through the night I could hear babies crying which would set Thea off and the nurses pulling drip carts through the corridors, no sleep for me again. The days felt like they were merging together but I was just so happy that I had my little Thea in my arms. The next day I was able to move around a little better and Danny came to the hospital first thing in the morning. We had a lovely lady from Bounty to see if we would like newborn photos which we clearly did as we took out the whole package! Rhea had made a lovely blanket that we used as her backdrop. We spent the morning adoring and loving Thea, I had spoken to the nurse to see if we were ok to go home that day. We packed our bags and loaded the car to take our little precious home, Finally!


Much love,

Keira x



I still can’t believe our little bundle of joy is finally here! We are still taking it all in and enjoying the newborn snuggles.

Let me tell you about the birth experience…

After being on the ward until around 9:45pm on the 9th Feb, they were ready for me to go onto the labour ward. I was nervous as partners aren’t allowed on this ward and there are 4 beds on the ward.

They induced me straight away with a pessary and I was fine, I tried to get some shut-eye as I knew that things were going to start happening soon.

The nurses hooked me up to a monitor and within half an hour I started to get very mild cramps, I was still ok but was uncomfortable, I was having to lie on my back with monitor round me and my pelvis was killing from my SPD.

After 2 hours the nurse came round to check on me and to see if I was dilating, I was only 1cm. The cramps were getting stronger and were a bit painful, she offered me some paracetamol and I took it. I laid there with my earphones in listening to relaxing music and pregnancy affirmations to stay focused and relaxed.

Another 2 hours passed, the cramps were STRONG. I was having to breathe through them a bit more now and they were getting more painful. I was so tired but I just couldn’t sleep.

After another hour I was in full-blown pain, I was griping hold to the side of the bed and holding it with all my might going through these cramps and I kept having to get up for a wee, and then stopping in the corridor to breathe through it.

The nurse came round again and could see I was in a lot of pain, she took the pessary out and checked my cervix again, still 1cm…. I cried. Nothing was happening and I was getting frustrated. I was still on the monitor while all this was going on and then all of a sudden it started to go off. Four nurses rushed in turned all the lights on and was next to my bedside. They were turning me over and checking the monitor results. I was in complete panic. The next minute was a blur but I ended up with an IV drip with saline and some more paracetamol and everything went back to calm. I was still in complete agony at this point and around 7am the nurses and doctors checked the monitor and I was still only 1cm. They decided they were going to break my waters.

They took me into a separate room and put me on Gas and Air (great stuff!) they broke my waters and came to the realisation that I had meconium in it.

The nurses called Danny and my mum as I wanted them both there and I laid there and waited for them to arrive. I was still on gas and air at this point and the contractions were getting stronger and stronger.

As soon as they arrived they explained everything to them. the baby was still in distress and they decided the best option would be an emergency C-section. I was gutted but also wanted my baby to be safe.

My mum went into a separate waiting room and Danny got suited and booted ready to come be by my side.

I was most nervous about the epidural but the staff and doctors were so lovely and reassuring that I didn’t feel a thing (plus I was on gas and air).

They laid me down and Danny came in, I could hear the radio playing in the back ground. Sam Smith was on which coincidentally I was listening to earlier as I love his music and have concert tickets to see him next month, anyway I digress, The nurse put the sheet up and poked me all over to see if I could feel anything. I was completely numb from the chest down, it was such a weird feeling.

They started opening me up and through out they were talking to me asking how I was feeling and reassuring me.

Then I heard the cry, the newborn cry that you just don’t forget. They held up this little bundle of flesh over the curtain so Danny could tell me what gender our baby is.

It’s a Girl! I was in disbelief, this whole time me and Danny had a feeling the baby was a boy. I was over the moon. Danny sat there holding our daughter. I wanted to hold her so bad but was really shaky from the anaesthetic.

Danny took her out of the room to show my mum whilst the sewed me up. Whilst he was out of the room they transferred me to a bed and the weirdest thing was seeing my leg being dangled in front of me like it wasn’t attached to my body.

As soon as I was out of theatre my naked baby was put on my bare chest and she started to feed straight away. We hadn’t really discussed girl names but I turned to Danny and said “How about Thea” (Pronounced Thee-ah). He loved it, he said about using Olive as a middle name as it was his Grandma’s first name. Thea Olive, I love it.

I will do another post about my recovery and hospital stay…

Much love

Keira x

Unconditional Love

Welcome to the world Thea Olive Pratt

Born 10/02/2018 at 10:02am Weighing 8lbs 3.5oz

My little love is here, Let me present to you our little girl, Thea.

I’m still in hospital at the moment but will tell you all about my birth in the next post.

I’m so in love.

Keira x



I came back in to the hospital at 9am to be observed again. Nothing happened in the night and I could feel pudding moving away nicely.

Being as I am now 4 days over due (feels like 4 years) they have decided to induce me. I know that my birth plan has pretty much gone out the window now, as long as baby is happy and healthy I don’t care how bubs arrives, as long as he/she is safe.

I’m waiting on a ward for a bed in the labour ward to become free, It’s been a few hours now but I’m happy as Danny was allowed to stay with me until 9:30pm.

Plus bonus I got food!

Maybe we will meet pudding soon…

Much love,

Keira x