10 Months Old!

My little pretty turned 10 Months Old!

Ok so this actually happened 7 days ago but you know…Life happens!

It’s also getting a lot harder for her to sit still πŸ˜€


Much Love

Keira x





This week has been so busy! I know the run up to Christmas always is but honestly I’ve had no time to just sit and breathe, it’s been go go go.

So this week Thea has had her introduction days at nursery for when I go back to work. I don’t actually go back until February but I wanted to get her use to it. The settling in days were two days that were for an hour and a half and I decided to stay with her on the first day. Not only for Thea to get use to this new surrounding but for my peace of mind too.

The staff seem really lovely and wanted to know more about Thea and what she likes and dislikes. We had a very good first day. Her second time I decided to leave her, it was harder than I expected. I felt like I had lost a limb. She didn’t cry as I left and I knew they had my number just incase.

I headed over to my friend Cheryl’s house to give her a hand with a few bits but also occupy my own mind. I kept thinking to myself she is fine. I drove back to the nursery just short of the full 1 1/2 hours and I went in. She was sat on the floor in one of the lovely ladies arms whilst she was cuddling her as she was crying, this is when I knew she would be ok.

Today she had her full half day. I was so nervous! I decided that I wasn’t just going to leave while she was playing as I felt like I was abandoning her, instead I decided I would give her a kiss and say goodbye and that I would be back in a few hours. This was prime opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done. I headed in to town and whizzed around like a bit of a looney. I took a step back and decided to get a coffee and just take this moment for myself. I have to admit I felt a bit lost without having Thea there. I didn’t really know what to do with my hands as I’m usually pushing the pram(silly I know)

I headed back over to the nursery and was so relieved to see her. The staff said she had been a bit teary so she had lots of cuddles. But I felt that Thea was in safe hands. All in all I feel relieved.

One thing I did love was this little goody bag that I got given when I dropped Thea off. I was so taken back by it I thought I needed to share it as it was such a lovely touch (it’s the small things)

Much Love

Keira x

Milky Tees

Before I had Thea I decided that I really wanted to give breastfeeding a go.

I have been following the lovely Lauren on YouTube for quite some time and she had just launched her new business The Milky Tee Company, brilliant!

I loved the concept of having a zip down either side rather than a pull down slip. Also a lot of the tops on the market at the time were either wrap tops or plain pull slip tops.

Now apart from living in leggings (no joke) I usually wear some sort of skinny jeans with a slogan tee. I couldn’t find any nursing tops that looked like this!

The Milky Tees were just up my street! They were casual and didn’t look like obvious breastfeeding tops (not that I’m against that) so on the 31st January (about a week before my due date) I decided to order 2 Milky Tee’s.

I didn’t expect to actually receive a confirmation email from Lauren herself but it was a lovely touch and we had a lovely little conversation (it’s the small things) I received my tees and they were packaged lovely and arrived in good time.

I instantly loved them. I had ordered mine in a size Medium but couldn’t actually try it on as I was still pregnant and gigantic πŸ˜€ The quality was brilliant though, the zips were metal and concealed and the same colour as the top.

When Thea was about 6 weeks old I tried my tops on, I had waited this long as I still had a bit of a pouch and was still wearing leggings and had hardly been out. I LOVED THEM! They were and still are super comfy and really easy to use. They wash really well and don’t lose there shape.

I really enjoy wearing them and really recommend them to anyone who is breastfeeding!

Lauren was lovely enough to give me a discount code for all you lovely breastfeeding mamas, use LEICSMAMA10 to get 10% off your order when used at checkout on http://www.milkyteecompany.com/

*My Milky Tees were paid for with my own money and all opinions are 100% my own and not sponsored in any way.

Story Imagin-ory

I’ve been taking Thea to a baby class for a couple of months now that really interested me as it is all about stories and imagination!

Freya who owns the business is so lovely, she is really friendly and engages with all the children really well. I love how the kiddies sit really nicely in front of her when she is reading and acting out the stories.

We always start off with a sign song to say hello, and concentrate on one letter per week, which is then incorporated in the book. Thea absolutely loves it! I thought because she is so young she might not engage very well but she sits and listens intently.

After the story we have some active play which is also based on what the book is about, one week we had the letter V and the book was called ‘What I do with Vegetable Glue’ So afterwards we had some vegetables to play with and “vegetable glue” and vegetables to match with cards.

Thea and myself have made some lovely friends and we love reading books!

We are really enjoying Story Imagin-ory! I really recommend doing these classes and getting your little kiddo into books from an early age. It’s great for language and cognitive development!

Much love

Keira x

9 Months Old!

I literally can’t believe how fast time is going. The last month Thea is just growing with leaps and bounds!

She is doing new things all the time.

This month she has mastered Waving, Clapping, Blowing Kisses, Bopping to music, standing unaided for around 10 seconds, and she’s getting much better at sleeping in her own cot through the night (Woop Woop!)

It’s so lovely to see her interacting with her friends too.

Much Love

Keira x


Me and my friend Cheryl are currently planning the babies 1st Birthdays, we decided to go to Hobbycraft in Nottingham (it’s near the Cheesecake Shop ;p) to get some bits together.

We had a very productive day and wanted to get some lunch. The nearest place was Hooters of Nottingham. We got in to the car park and sat in the car for about 5 minutes wondering if we would be bad parents for taking our babies into Hooters. Honestly we were so hungry we just thought screw it and we went in.

We were greeted by a lovely lady called Sophie and she was absolutely amazing with Thea and Joshua. She got us some high chairs and showed us to our table, she then bought some balloons over for the kiddies and they just loved her.

The babies couldn’t resist a cuddle and a dance and they had a blast!

I would recommend going and we will definitely be going back.

Much Love

Keira x

Pumpkin Party and Fireworks!

A few weeks ago I booked to go to a baby Sensory Pumpkin Party with Danny. My friend Cheryl and her Husband Carl bought Joshua too. We dressed Thea in her little witch outfit and made tracks to the party. It was so good, Panna the leader of baby Sensory puts so much effort into all the parties she does.

There were a lot of babies all dressed up as pumpkins, monsters, vampires and mummies. It was lovely seeing all the daddy’s getting the chance to take part in the class.

We got to roll Thea on inflatable pumpkins and have a bonfire and sparklers (all baby friendly of course, no real fire)

After the bonfire we had a look at some books for sale and I went a bit book crazy and bought 3 Christmas inspired books.

While the daddy’s were playing with the baby’s the mummy’s were getting up to mischief πŸ˜€

The Pumpkin Party was brilliant and was nice for Danny to get some play time with Thea.

Later in the evening we went to Abbey Park to see the fireworks. Danny decided that he would put Thea in the carrier and wear her so she could get to see a lot more and I would hold her when the fireworks were going off. She did brilliantly, I had bought some ear defenders as I knew it would be pretty loud and she was fascinated! She didn’t make a sound when the where whizzing around in the air.

So all in all it was a very good day!

Much love

Keira x