Birthday Outings

Today I turned 29!

I have had lots of lovely birthday wishes, and had a brilliant day/night with my Family.

To start off with Thea went to nursery today so I had a day to myself, Danny had to work so Alan decided to take me to a lovely place called The Loquacious Baker Coffee Shop & Bakery (by taking I mean me driving and him paying hehehe).

He had met the owner briefly while at work and thought that it would be a lovely birthday treat for me (FYI it was!)

This little Café is located in the Quaint village of Burbage. The outside is very modern/chic and I could tell that a lot of pride goes into this little café.

I loved that it is quite small, I personally love this as I like that its more personal.

We sat in the corner under a big flower wall, I ordered a Sweet potato with chickpea tagine topping (flipping lovely) and Alan ordered a chicken, pesto and cashew nut ciabatta. The food was amazing! I’m not too fussy when it comes to food but this was next level. It was so good.

I also had a mocha latte and tried Chai latte for the first time (big hit) and I manged to leave room for cake. Because if you go somewhere that has bakery in its name, it would be rude not to eat cake right? Right.


This was meant to be a really lovely photo of a piece of cake… but I ate it ooops!

I would really recommend this place to anyone that loves homemade cakes and a bit of a fancy lunch, we will certainly be going back!

After picking Thea up from nursery we went to Pesto at the White Horse in Desford. I have been here before with Danny, but for my birthday my parents and brother joined us. I honestly don’t know how I ate because I was still full from earlier.

They do Italian Tapas and it is delicious, I treated myself to 2 mocktails too. The food was amazing and everyone really enjoyed it.

So in all it was a fun and food filled day! Thanks for the birthday wishes, Heres to being 29!

Much Love

Keira x

Find The Loquacious Baker here:

Instagram – the_loquacious_baker

Facebook – The Loquacious Baker • Coffee Shop & Bakery

Website –


Website –

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Review of Max Ezra LDN Men’s Changing Bag

If you read my last blog I mentioned that I had bought Danny a Changing bag for Christmas. I don’t think he appreciates my sparkly changing bag as much as I do!

I found Max Ezra LDN through my Instagram account and instantly knew that Danny would really love the bag. He’s not really into fashion but he does like nice things.

I had a little chat with them through Instagram messenger and they are so friendly and lovely.

Danny carries a back pack around with him most of the time that usually has his work laptop in as well as other work bits. This changing bag has enough room to fit all of his work things in as well as his laptop and all of Thea’s things.


I ordered it in the Christmas sale so I got 30% off, it got delivered really quickly and was packaged really well. The quality is so good, I’m always a bit wary of ordering through the internet as you can get some right dodgy stuff but this is nothing like that. I was very pleasantly surprised.

We went out at the weekend for a long walk and the bag was packed with everything we needed (and more). It comes with a quilted changing mat and is really stylish.

It has loads of storage which is really convenient. I would really recommend it to anyone who is looking for something a bit different for their guy.

They have a 30% sale on until tomorrow! use discount code JAN19 at checkout.

Much Love

Keira x

*Not Sponsored, Bag was paid for with my own money and review is 100% my own opinion. 


First week of the New Year

Ok so this is probably going to be a long post, Sorry

New Year’s Day

So, to start off with I thought I would say that 2018 was a memorable one. On one hand I’m heartbroken about what I lost in 2018. Last year didn’t start off as a good one, my dear Grandad passed away and this upset me deeply knowing he wouldn’t meet my little one. I knew he wanted to meet this little bundle of joy so much.
On the other hand, I want to thank it for what it gave me. My Thea, this little human that I made. She completed me. I didn’t realise how quickly you could fall in love and feel so protective of this little person.

I don’t tend to do New Year’s Resolutions as I tend not to stick to them. It usually starts by me breaking my resolution and then I feel bad, I feel like I’m a terrible person and that I’m a failure and then for about a week I’m just depressed/stuffing my face with chocolate.
Instead of a resolution I’m going to set myself a couple of goals.

I decided to get the definitions of a resolution and a goal and here it is:

resolution/rɛzəˈluːʃ(ə)n/nounnoun: resolution; plural noun: resolutions

1. a firm decision to do or not to do something. “she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more”

goal/ɡəʊl/nounnoun: goal; plural noun: goals

1. the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. “he achieved his goal of becoming King of England” – (What a goal!)

To me it was a no brainer, a goal just seemed more achievable, I don’t have to feel bad if I slip up.

My Goals are:
1. Drink more water – This seems pretty lame but by the end of the day I am so dehydrated and thirsty and I when I think back to what I drink in the day it’s pretty bad.
2. Be more organised / use my diary – I buy a diary every year and use it for like a month and then forget about it. I aim to use it more to stay organised.
3. Keep up with my Blog – I would love to be able to make time to blog at least once per week, this is my biggest goal.
4. Get Healthy – Ok so I know this one is a biggy. I am still with Beach Body on Demand and being as I pay for it yearly, I want to make the most of it. I also want to make healthier meals for me and my hubby. This will also benefit Thea as she will have healthier parents
5. Be present – So this to me is a few different things. I am a worrier. I sit there randomly worrying about little things so much so I forget what I’m doing and get consumed by it. I don’t mean having a break down or panic attack or anything luckily, but the moment gets eaten up and I quickly get into a bad mood. Also, being present for me is enjoying Thea. She is growing so fast that I want to remember the happy and sad times with her. As much as I hate getting out of bed at 3 am when she’s crying, I know this won’t last forever and I will actually miss these times, these times when she needs me.
So, they are my goals, safe to say I’m pretty on track.


We have tried to make the most out of this week. Danny had to go back to work on the 2nd. We spent some time as a family and stayed at home on other days just to chill out.
Thea also started back at Nursery and from now she is doing one full day per week in preparation for me going back to work.
My brother had Thursday off and as Thea was at nursery, he wanted to take me out as he was also off work. We don’t get to spend much time together just the two of us, so it was really lovely. We had such a laugh. He wanted to treat me and wanted me to choose where we should eat. I decided I would like to go to a Greek street food Restaurant called The Olive. I had been  there in the past and loved it. My brother is a real foodie and he really knows his stuff. He was not disappointed, the food was amazing. We ordered Haloumi Fries, with tzatziki dip. Greek Salad, Chicken and Pork Souvlakis and a spicy sausage. We were stuffed. The portions were a good size and it’s not too pricey. I think our bill came to around £18 which included our 2 drinks. Afterwards we went into Lush and did a bit of shopping. Afterwards we headed around town looking for somewhere to have a coffee. We found a café called Bean Gaming. It’s basically a café that has a ton of boardgames that you can play while having a coffee, they also do delicious food.
Alan (my brother) decided we would play the IQ game. Obviously thinking he would win (spoiler, he didn’t :D) I really enjoyed my day and to top it off when I went to get Thea from nursery, they said she was brilliant. She was really enjoying herself and playing with all the toys.





After a chilled week, I realised that there was a mound of washing piling up (as usual) and little things around the house needed doing. We still needed to take the Christmas tree and decorations down, but I also wanted to make the most of the weekend.
We got up early and started doing odd jobs so that later in the evening we could sit and relax. We go around Danny’s parents for a fry up on a Saturday and we decided that afterwards we would go for a walk around Bradgate Park. It was a pretty cold and fresh day, but I like it when it’s like this. Firstly, there are not as many people around and you can really appreciate your surroundings, especially at Bradgate Park. We walked up to Old John and the views are amazing. We took Poppy with us and it was a bit difficult with the pram, in some areas we had to lift it, but it didn’t stop us. We got to use one of Danny’s new Christmas presents, so I don’t think Danny really appreciates my sparkly changing bag so I bought him a really stylish black changing bag from Max Ezra LDN. I will do a separate blog on this.
We had a lovely family day out but by the time we got home it was quite late. I really couldn’t be bothered to take the Christmas tree down, I was super tired and still had to get Thea to bed. She’s just cut her first tooth, so I was hoping for a better night sleep (What even is sleep)
My flipping amazing Danny took everything down and put it in the attic whilst I fed Thea and got her down for her sleep. YES!


To top the weekend off it was the lovely Freddie’s First Birthday! We went to his little party where there were loads of toys to play with, food and yummy cake! Thea thoroughly enjoyed the music as she was bopping away. Happy Birthday Freddie!


Much Love

Keira x

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Christmas Time

I wanted Thea’s first Christmas to be special and it definitely was. We had such a busy run up to Christmas, Thea had the last of her baby classes and at her baby sensory class we had the chance to do a mini photo session with the lovely Jules.

Jules was brilliant, considering there were a lot of babies all having these photos she kept so calm and engaged with each one. She was amazing with Thea, she kept making her smile and even though it was such a short time frame she managed to capture brilliant photos. She had her Daughter in Law with her to help go through all the images and she was so lovely to chat to. There were so many to choose from so I decided to buy them all! Here are a few after about 20 minutes of choosing 😀

Photos credit to Little Creases ~ Jules Photography

Christmas Eve was a bit mad, We still needed to wrap a few presents but had plans to see as many people as we could. So as with every year it was a big rush around but it was so nice to see everyone. It was the first year without my grandad so there was a Christmas Eve BBQ around my grans and it ended up being a right laugh! Because we spent so much time there, by the time we got home we ended up wrapping present until about 1am, I was so exhausted!

Christmas morning came and I had to go and wake Thea up, Typical the one day she didn’t wake her herself. I wanted it to be like when I was a kid as this was the first year that we were going to be staying at home, So my parents and brother were coming round to open presents with us. I know Thea is too young to understand but I just wanted it to be a special day for her.

We had Danny’s parents and brothers come over too so it was nice to have both sides of the family around at the same time. Thea got so many presents that we decided to open some throughout the day and on Boxing day too.

We also had my Cousin Rhea for Christmas dinner so she came around while we were opening presents too, we were hoping that Dan (Rhea’s Fiancé and our friend) would be coming too but he was having to work on Christmas day… until I received a phone call about 10 minutes before Rhea arrived to say he would be here, yay!! I knew this would cheer Rhea up so we didn’t say anything to her.

It was so brilliant having Rhea, while I was cooking she was keeping Thea occupied and playing with her new toys. I couldn’t wait for Dan to walk through the door to surprise her, Plus I was trying to cover up the tonne of food I was cooking!

It was so lovely when Dan walked in, It was such a nice surprise. We sat down for Dinner (which took me way longer than I expected) and it turned out quite yummy. Although I didn’t really feel very hungry after all the cooking, When I sat down to eat I just picked at my food, is it just me or does this happen to others? I did have room for pudding though hehehe.

What a brilliant night it was, We went to see my gran and exchanged gifts. She had done some more food as usual, so we tucked into that whilst listening to her new Album that I got her. She had more family arrive and we all caught up with each other. The night went lovely and I slept really well, Probably because of all the food!

We spent Boxing day round Danny’s family and Thea got to open her remaining presents. We had another yummy dinner and we stayed til midnight. We had such a laugh playing His and Hers board game. It was a draw in the end but I think there was some cheating going on 😀

So my Christmas went brilliantly, we have way too many toys that I don’t actually know where to put them, im kinda dreading taking down the tree but cant wait to have a bit more room, and im in real need of a food detox because there was ALOT consumed.

How was your Christmas?

Keira x

Photography by

*Not sponsored, Photos were paid with by my own money.

When Thea met Santa

It has been a really busy few weeks on the run up to Christmas (isn’t it always) anyway we have had a lot of festive fun!

At Rhythm Time we were very surprised when Santa walked through the door! Thea even got a little present. I have been really looking forward for this Christmas as it is our first as a family of 3. It will be Thea’s first Christmas and I just want it to be so special for her. I know she won’t have a clue what is going on but I just can’t help myself and want to please my inner child.

It was obviously very tiring for her 😀

My friend Cheryl also held a little Christmas themed gathering around hers, there was mulled wine being warmed on the stove and yummy food to go around. It was so lovely. I love watching Thea playing and interacting with her friends, it really does fill me with joy.

We also booked to see Santa at Palmers Garden Centre in Enderby. I had asked mine and Danny’s parents to come along with us so we could make a bit of a day out of it. We could only go in the week and unfortunately Danny’s dad had to work, but it didn’t stop us. I kinda just expected to wait in a queue and then see Santa and that was that. But to my pleasant surprise we were greeted by elves and went into Santa grotto which was a lovely warm den.

There were a few benches that surrounded the middle part of the room which had big fluffy cushions on the floor in front of a fireplace. Santa was sitting in his big arm-chair and Mrs Claus was there too, It was brilliant! We sang songs and laughed and had lots of fun. Thea got a Golden ticket so that after seeing Santa she could exchange it for a little present. Santa had a little chair next to him that I sat on so we could have a lovely photo together. I wasn’t quite sure how she would react so thought we could get a good photo at least. As I anticipated she cried as soon as I handed her over.

D364BF96-A8EB-44BF-AC0F-0D89A3BD587D.jpegThis one is definitely going in the photo album 😀

As soon as I picked her up she acted as if nothing had happened, we went and picked a present and then headed out to see the reindeer! This was such a great touch we loved it and will definitely do it again next year. Hopefully Thea might even smile for Santa!

As if you thought the festive fun was over, It’s not!

We had also booked a Christmas Baby Sensory class so that Danny could also join in.

This too was excellent, all Christmas themed and very festive. All the baby’s were dressed up and there was a prize for best dressed Baby and Adult. There is so much effort put into it and it was amazing. From puppet shows to dancing snowmen it was so much fun.

I will probably not post again before Christmas now as I have a few busy days ahead. My amazing friend Alice even came round to look after Thea for an hour today so I could do a food shop. Honestly what would I do without my friends!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and that it brings you peace and happiness.

Much Love

Keira x

10 Months Old!

My little pretty turned 10 Months Old!

Ok so this actually happened 7 days ago but you know…Life happens!

It’s also getting a lot harder for her to sit still 😀


Much Love

Keira x




This week has been so busy! I know the run up to Christmas always is but honestly I’ve had no time to just sit and breathe, it’s been go go go.

So this week Thea has had her introduction days at nursery for when I go back to work. I don’t actually go back until February but I wanted to get her use to it. The settling in days were two days that were for an hour and a half and I decided to stay with her on the first day. Not only for Thea to get use to this new surrounding but for my peace of mind too.

The staff seem really lovely and wanted to know more about Thea and what she likes and dislikes. We had a very good first day. Her second time I decided to leave her, it was harder than I expected. I felt like I had lost a limb. She didn’t cry as I left and I knew they had my number just incase.

I headed over to my friend Cheryl’s house to give her a hand with a few bits but also occupy my own mind. I kept thinking to myself she is fine. I drove back to the nursery just short of the full 1 1/2 hours and I went in. She was sat on the floor in one of the lovely ladies arms whilst she was cuddling her as she was crying, this is when I knew she would be ok.

Today she had her full half day. I was so nervous! I decided that I wasn’t just going to leave while she was playing as I felt like I was abandoning her, instead I decided I would give her a kiss and say goodbye and that I would be back in a few hours. This was prime opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done. I headed in to town and whizzed around like a bit of a looney. I took a step back and decided to get a coffee and just take this moment for myself. I have to admit I felt a bit lost without having Thea there. I didn’t really know what to do with my hands as I’m usually pushing the pram(silly I know)

I headed back over to the nursery and was so relieved to see her. The staff said she had been a bit teary so she had lots of cuddles. But I felt that Thea was in safe hands. All in all I feel relieved.

One thing I did love was this little goody bag that I got given when I dropped Thea off. I was so taken back by it I thought I needed to share it as it was such a lovely touch (it’s the small things)

Much Love

Keira x