It’s been a while…

Hello my lovelies, hasn’t time just flown! I am still adjusting to work and home life at the moment and I’m finding it hard to get a good balance.

On my days off I like to cram as much in as possible, whether that be seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, going to baby classes, going to the park or spontaneous days out. I really haven’t just sat down and had me and Thea time because we are always on the go. I find it quite hard at the moment as Danny often has to work late which means we only get to spend quality time as a family at weekends, and there’s always something that needs doing like decorating or cleaning and before you know it, it’s Monday again.

Anyway I digress, I really want to make time for my blog as its something that I love to do. It’s how I unwind and relax. I have some ideas over the next few weeks so I hope I will be on here real soon with some updates!

In the meantime here are the most recent photos of Thea ❤

Much Love

Keira x



Last year we welcomed our beautiful daughter Thea into the world, but how she arrived was completely unexpected, click here to see my birth story. See, when you get pregnant (well for me at least) I thought that it was going to be all rainbows and fluffy clouds and I was going to be glowing with pregnancy radiance…. I’m actually laughing writing this! Now I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy because I did. I absolutely loved being pregnant, even with the SPD, Nausea and headaches I flipping loved being pregnant. when I was around 7 months pregnant I was looking at writing my birth plan. This is when I came across hypnobirthing. What is hypnobirthing you ask, well according to is a complete antenatal education. Hypnobirthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques. Whatever kind of birth you’re planning – homebirth, hospital, birthing centre or whatever – Hypnobirthing can help.”

I started researching this a bit and went on YouTube to have a look at some videos of people who have used hypnobirthing. I follow some lovely ladies on YouTube and 2 that stood out were Emily Norris and Louise Pentland. Emily had put on her birth story and went into how she stayed calm and managed to have a home birth with the help of hypnobirthing. I started looking into positive affirmations and downloaded a few onto my phone. it wasn’t until January when Louise gave birth to beautiful Pearl that I found The Positive Birth Company, I watched the birth stories on the website and absolutely wanted to try hypnobirthing. Now I was very heavily pregnant at this time and I wish I had jumped into hypnobirthing a bit more but I didn’t, so much happened in my lasts months of pregnancy that I didn’t really have any me time. I had a bit of a read and watched the YouTube videos but I didn’t really look into anything more. I didn’t even read into anything about C-Sections as I just didn’t think that would happen to me…. Now looking back onto my birth story I know that my C-Section couldn’t have been avoided, Thea was in distress and her heart rate was all over the place. I know this but I still feel like my body failed in someway. now in no way am I saying that people who have had C-sections have failed, wether it be elective or emergency. I just felt so ready for my body to go through a natural process of giving birth and I felt a bit cheated out of it. Whatever way your baby comes into this world it is beautiful and precious.

It took a good 4 months for my body to feel a bit normal after having Thea, and it was at this time that I felt like if I had a vaginal birth I could have been more comfortable and enjoyed it a bit more.

Me and Danny have talked and we would definitely love to have more children in the future. But I have a problem in that I’m now terrified that the same thing will happen. All the hypnobirthing that I have read about doesn’t go into inductions, C-sections and so on. I am on the Positive Birth Company mailing list and I received an email a few weeks ago about Siobhan Miller’s new book and that she will be doing a book launch. It was literally like a spark inside me lit and I just knew I had to go. I had read since having Thea so many lovely positive birth stories and I wanted to educate myself more.

The book launch took place in Birmingham and I decided to take my mum with me. Danny booked the day off work to look after Thea and we caught the train down in the afternoon. I haven’t really spent that much time with my mum just the two of us so it was really lovely to have some time together. We went out for dinner at Jamie’s Italian which was amazing and headed over to Waterstones to get ready for the event. I had never been to a book launch before so didn’t really know what to expect. It was really good though as there wasn’t a huge amount of people and it felt quite intimate.

I met Siobhan and Louise and they were super lovely, they were happy to answer any questions we had and we all had a bit of a chat and talked about the book. we also had some question time. Going in to this I didn’t really have any questions to ask but as we were opening up i felt compelled to ask a question. I explained my fear, which was that having an emergency C-section the first time, what advice would you give for staying in control and relaxed if the same situation arises. Siobhan’s answer was so clear and made complete sense to me. She said to make a birth plan for any situation that arises, that way you can still be in control and things will be more relaxed if plans have to change (This is also written in her book). We had a brilliant time and I’m honestly feeling so much more positive for when the time comes when we would like more children in the future. I also met some really lovely mums and had some great conversations.

Hypnobirthing isn’t this hippy mumbo jumbo thing, It is actually very scientific. It is understanding how birth works from a physiological perspective and how hormones play a major role in labour, and what muscles are required to birth. It is teaching your body and mind how to relax whilst going through a positive process all whilst staying in control.

Hope you enjoyed reading, leave me a comment if you have any questions.


Keira x


*Not sponsored, book and ticket to event purchased with my own money




Learning with

Just to clarify this post isn’t sponsored but it is something that I am genuinely interested in!

A few months ago I was reached out by a website called I know recently there has been an incline of people deciding to home school their children, there are approximately 50,000 children that are home schooled in the UK alone.

It got me wondering how do parents actually home school their children? How do they follow the curriculum or make lesson plans. I was genuinely interested in how it works and even though Thea is too young to understand anything yet I wanted to have a look further into it. I don’t think we would home school Thea but I like that there are educational website like this.

I was really surprised how many lessons are on the website and how easy it is to access the lesson library. I also thought it was a good idea if you wanted to add some extra school work in at home if your child is in regular school. I also think its great on rainy days for some fun learning activities to do with younger children. There are online learning games and printable worksheets too!

There are lots of fun puzzles like the one below, Your child will love naming creepy crawlies and practicing spelling in this crossword puzzle! For more fun and educational activities, visit

Creepy Crawlies Puzzle


Creepy Crawlies Answers

Much Love

Keira x

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Returning to work

As much as I love being with Thea 24/7 I knew I would have to go back to work. I honestly felt devastated, I was so emotional and every time I thought about work whilst on maternity leave I would feel myself choking up. There is nothing wrong with my job, I really enjoy it and my boss and colleagues are super lovely. it was just the thought of not being with Thea.

If we could have afforded me to be a stay at home mum I would have jumped to the idea.

But unfortunately we just wouldn’t  be able to afford it. I remember sorting out my keeping in touch days with my boss and going into work to discuss it. I was really excited and nervous about going back and while I was there I was fine, but it was just the thought of one thing ending and another beginning. I was loving being with Thea and seeing friends and family and going to the baby classes and knowing this was going to end because of me going to work felt heart breaking.

I had enrolled Thea into nursery at the end of December to get her use to going. I didn’t want the added stress of being at work and Thea having a meltdown at nursery. Thea is a very clingy baby so I knew it would be difficult for her. Since December Thea has come on leaps and bounds at nursery. She loves being there and the nursery staff are super lovely and keep me up to date with photos and tells me all about her day and log it in a book.

The first few weeks of work were really hard for me. I decided to work Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. I just wanted to get it all out the way in one go. My gran has her on one day, nursery the next and my parents have her too. Thea is becoming so independent now and she loves just walking around doing her own little thing.

I still feel some mum guilt but at least I know that Thea is well looked after and I am earning some money so we can do lovely things together.Much Love



Recap of January and February

Its been too long since i did a blog so im making up for it!

January for me is always a really busy month. There are so many birthdays and we are still getting over Christmas. I always feel like the first week of January is a bit of a breather but I come back to realisation and life goes on and with it brings all the hectic and fun stuff!
Because of all the busyness I didn’t really blog as much as I would have liked, I had little notes of what I could write about but it just didn’t happen, some days I was just so rushed off my feet before I could even grab my computer my head was on the pillow. Some days I just don’t feel in the mood and that’s okay. I had also started back work in January (blog for another day) and I wanted to spend my time with Thea and Danny, grabbing my computer to blog was just not a priority at the time.

Today though my mum is entertaining Thea while Danny watches the rugby (WIN!) so here I am.
I did so many great things in January and February that i felt it was a bit of a shame to just brush over it, so I thought I would do a bit of a recap.

At the beginning of January we spent some time as a family going to the beautiful Bradgate park. This was especially lovely because Danny was still off work and I was yet to start work.
We also celebrated my 29th birthday! me and my brother spent some really great quality time together which we don’t usually get to do.
We had a couple of other birthdays too, one of them being my Brother In laws 21st and a few 1st birthdays too. We spent a weekend in Stamford celebrating little Olivia’s first birthday which was super lovely.

Here are some pictures from our little break, we stayed in an Airbnb called the ‘The Buttery‘. I would highly recommend! such a lovely and cosy place to stay and Julie the host was super accommodating, she knew we were bringing Thea and she had the high chair and travel cot set up for us and had some toys and books out, absolutely brilliant!


While in Stamford apart from Olivia’s birthday party we didn’t have any plans.

We decided to drive around and look for somewhere to eat. We came across a lovely place called the Golden Pheasant ran by 2 amazing hosts!

They were super lovely and friendly, the food was amazing and Kirstene who was our host (also runs the pub) was so lovely and gentle with Thea. nothing was too much for her. They have also been ranked number 1 pub restaurant in Peterborough!

If we go back to Stamford we will definitely be coming back to The Golden Pheasant!

We really enjoyed our time in Stamford and would love to go back in the future.


February was a special month for us, this was the month that Thea turned 1!

We had a joint birthday party with Joshua who is 1 day older than Thea and me and my friend Cheryl had been planning for months! We had a jungle themed party that involved lots of toys, a soft play area and a Baby Sensory party.

The big day came and we got in the hall early to set it all up. We were so excited!

The party was an absolute blast and all the kiddies had so much fun, there were no tears from Thea or Joshua and they really enjoyed themselves.

To end this brillaint month we went to Thomas land with Thea’s Godmother and a big group of friends. It was Thea’s first time at a theme park and she behaved so well. she loved the rides and was really well-behaved in the queues.

I didn’t know if she would like the rides as she had to sit next to me instead of on my knee but it didn’t bother her at all!

We have had a lovely beginning to the year and can’t wait for the fun to carry on.

Thank you friends and family for making it so special!

Love Keira x


The Buttery AirBnB

Golden Pheasent

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1 Year Old!

Today my little pudding turned ONE!

Thea is such a loving, happy, clever little girl and she fills my heart with so much joy.

I can’t wait for what the future holds for her. But for now I’m taking all these moments in, watching her grow and hit her milestones just makes me so proud.

Happy Birthday Beautiful, Mama and Daddy love you beyond words xxx

11 Months Old!

My little beaut is now 11 months old!

So this post is a bit late..oops, but my baby is now 11 moths old! 8 days ago….

I really can’t believe were getting close to the big 1!

She is the most cheeky, smiley, happy baby and I love seeing her interact with her friends.

I can’t believe that next month I will have a toddler and I’m not quite prepared for it.


Much Love

Keira x