Learning with Education.com

Just to clarify this post isn’t sponsored but it is something that I am genuinely interested in!

A few months ago I was reached out by a website called Education.com. I know recently there has been an incline of people deciding to home school their children, there are approximately 50,000 children that are home schooled in the UK alone.

It got me wondering how do parents actually home school their children? How do they follow the curriculum or make lesson plans. I was genuinely interested in how it works and even though Thea is too young to understand anything yet I wanted to have a look further into it. I don’t think we would home school Thea but I like that there are educational website like this.

I was really surprised how many lessons are on the website and how easy it is to access the lesson library. I also thought it was a good idea if you wanted to add some extra school work in at home if your child is in regular school. I also think its great on rainy days for some fun learning activities to do with younger children. There are online learning games and printable worksheets too!

There are lots of fun puzzles like the one below, Your child will love naming creepy crawlies and practicing spelling in this crossword puzzle! For more fun and educational activities, visit Education.com.

Creepy Crawlies Puzzle


Creepy Crawlies Answers

Much Love

Keira x

*Not Sponsored

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