Christmas Time

I wanted Thea’s first Christmas to be special and it definitely was. We had such a busy run up to Christmas, Thea had the last of her baby classes and at her baby sensory class we had the chance to do a mini photo session with the lovely Jules.

Jules was brilliant, considering there were a lot of babies all having these photos she kept so calm and engaged with each one. She was amazing with Thea, she kept making her smile and even though it was such a short time frame she managed to capture brilliant photos. She had her Daughter in Law with her to help go through all the images and she was so lovely to chat to. There were so many to choose from so I decided to buy them all! Here are a few after about 20 minutes of choosing πŸ˜€

Photos credit to Little Creases ~ Jules Photography

Christmas Eve was a bit mad, We still needed to wrap a few presents but had plans to see as many people as we could. So as with every year it was a big rush around but it was so nice to see everyone. It was the first year without my grandad so there was a Christmas Eve BBQ around my grans and it ended up being a right laugh! Because we spent so much time there, by the time we got home we ended up wrapping present until about 1am, I was so exhausted!

Christmas morning came and I had to go and wake Thea up, Typical the one day she didn’t wake her herself. I wanted it to be like when I was a kid as this was the first year that we were going to be staying at home, So my parents and brother were coming round to open presents with us. I know Thea is too young to understand but I just wanted it to be a special day for her.

We had Danny’s parents and brothers come over too so it was nice to have both sides of the family around at the same time. Thea got so many presents that we decided to open some throughout the day and on Boxing day too.

We also had my Cousin Rhea for Christmas dinner so she came around while we were opening presents too, we were hoping that Dan (Rhea’s FiancΓ© and our friend) would be coming too but he was having to work on Christmas day… until I received a phone call about 10 minutes before Rhea arrived to say he would be here, yay!! I knew this would cheer Rhea up so we didn’t say anything to her.

It was so brilliant having Rhea, while I was cooking she was keeping Thea occupied and playing with her new toys. I couldn’t wait for Dan to walk through the door to surprise her, Plus I was trying to cover up the tonne of food I was cooking!

It was so lovely when Dan walked in, It was such a nice surprise. We sat down for Dinner (which took me way longer than I expected) and it turned out quite yummy. Although I didn’t really feel very hungry after all the cooking, When I sat down to eat I just picked at my food, is it just me or does this happen to others? I did have room for pudding though hehehe.

What a brilliant night it was, We went to see my gran and exchanged gifts. She had done some more food as usual, so we tucked into that whilst listening to her new Album that I got her. She had more family arrive and we all caught up with each other. The night went lovely and I slept really well, Probably because of all the food!

We spent Boxing day round Danny’s family and Thea got to open her remaining presents. We had another yummy dinner and we stayed til midnight. We had such a laugh playing His and Hers board game. It was a draw in the end but I think there was some cheating going on πŸ˜€

So my Christmas went brilliantly, we have way too many toys that I don’t actually know where to put them, im kinda dreading taking down the tree but cant wait to have a bit more room, and im in real need of a food detox because there was ALOT consumed.

How was your Christmas?

Keira x

Photography by

*Not sponsored, Photos were paid with by my own money.

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