When Thea met Santa

It has been a really busy few weeks on the run up to Christmas (isn’t it always) anyway we have had a lot of festive fun!

At Rhythm Time we were very surprised when Santa walked through the door! Thea even got a little present. I have been really looking forward for this Christmas as it is our first as a family of 3. It will be Thea’s first Christmas and I just want it to be so special for her. I know she won’t have a clue what is going on but I just can’t help myself and want to please my inner child.

It was obviously very tiring for her 😀

My friend Cheryl also held a little Christmas themed gathering around hers, there was mulled wine being warmed on the stove and yummy food to go around. It was so lovely. I love watching Thea playing and interacting with her friends, it really does fill me with joy.

We also booked to see Santa at Palmers Garden Centre in Enderby. I had asked mine and Danny’s parents to come along with us so we could make a bit of a day out of it. We could only go in the week and unfortunately Danny’s dad had to work, but it didn’t stop us. I kinda just expected to wait in a queue and then see Santa and that was that. But to my pleasant surprise we were greeted by elves and went into Santa grotto which was a lovely warm den.

There were a few benches that surrounded the middle part of the room which had big fluffy cushions on the floor in front of a fireplace. Santa was sitting in his big arm-chair and Mrs Claus was there too, It was brilliant! We sang songs and laughed and had lots of fun. Thea got a Golden ticket so that after seeing Santa she could exchange it for a little present. Santa had a little chair next to him that I sat on so we could have a lovely photo together. I wasn’t quite sure how she would react so thought we could get a good photo at least. As I anticipated she cried as soon as I handed her over.

D364BF96-A8EB-44BF-AC0F-0D89A3BD587D.jpegThis one is definitely going in the photo album 😀

As soon as I picked her up she acted as if nothing had happened, we went and picked a present and then headed out to see the reindeer! This was such a great touch we loved it and will definitely do it again next year. Hopefully Thea might even smile for Santa!

As if you thought the festive fun was over, It’s not!

We had also booked a Christmas Baby Sensory class so that Danny could also join in.

This too was excellent, all Christmas themed and very festive. All the baby’s were dressed up and there was a prize for best dressed Baby and Adult. There is so much effort put into it and it was amazing. From puppet shows to dancing snowmen it was so much fun.

I will probably not post again before Christmas now as I have a few busy days ahead. My amazing friend Alice even came round to look after Thea for an hour today so I could do a food shop. Honestly what would I do without my friends!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and that it brings you peace and happiness.

Much Love

Keira x

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