Milky Tees

Before I had Thea I decided that I really wanted to give breastfeeding a go.

I have been following the lovely Lauren on YouTube for quite some time and she had just launched her new business The Milky Tee Company, brilliant!

I loved the concept of having a zip down either side rather than a pull down slip. Also a lot of the tops on the market at the time were either wrap tops or plain pull slip tops.

Now apart from living in leggings (no joke) I usually wear some sort of skinny jeans with a slogan tee. I couldn’t find any nursing tops that looked like this!

The Milky Tees were just up my street! They were casual and didn’t look like obvious breastfeeding tops (not that I’m against that) so on the 31st January (about a week before my due date) I decided to order 2 Milky Tee’s.

I didn’t expect to actually receive a confirmation email from Lauren herself but it was a lovely touch and we had a lovely little conversation (it’s the small things) I received my tees and they were packaged lovely and arrived in good time.

I instantly loved them. I had ordered mine in a size Medium but couldn’t actually try it on as I was still pregnant and gigantic 😀 The quality was brilliant though, the zips were metal and concealed and the same colour as the top.

When Thea was about 6 weeks old I tried my tops on, I had waited this long as I still had a bit of a pouch and was still wearing leggings and had hardly been out. I LOVED THEM! They were and still are super comfy and really easy to use. They wash really well and don’t lose there shape.

I really enjoy wearing them and really recommend them to anyone who is breastfeeding!

Lauren was lovely enough to give me a discount code for all you lovely breastfeeding mamas, use LEICSMAMA10 to get 10% off your order when used at checkout *EXPIRED* on

*My Milky Tees were paid for with my own money and all opinions are 100% my own and not sponsored in any way.

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