Story Imagin-ory

I’ve been taking Thea to a baby class for a couple of months now that really interested me as it is all about stories and imagination!

Freya who owns the business is so lovely, she is really friendly and engages with all the children really well. I love how the kiddies sit really nicely in front of her when she is reading and acting out the stories.

We always start off with a sign song to say hello, and concentrate on one letter per week, which is then incorporated in the book. Thea absolutely loves it! I thought because she is so young she might not engage very well but she sits and listens intently.

After the story we have some active play which is also based on what the book is about, one week we had the letter V and the book was called ‘What I do with Vegetable Glue’ So afterwards we had some vegetables to play with and “vegetable glue” and vegetables to match with cards.

Thea and myself have made some lovely friends and we love reading books!

We are really enjoying Story Imagin-ory! I really recommend doing these classes and getting your little kiddo into books from an early age. It’s great for language and cognitive development!

Much love

Keira x

3 thoughts on “Story Imagin-ory

  1. Grandma GG x

    Hya,your blog is brilliant,well written and very informative. Great for young mum’s starting out on what seems a long road ahead,always try and enjoy these moments there not children for very long. Looking forward to reading more xxx

  2. Anonymous

    I really cannot wait to sit her on my knee and read with her, and use all of my experience in schools to help her learn and enjoy the wonderful world of books xx

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