Pumpkin Party and Fireworks!

A few weeks ago I booked to go to a baby Sensory Pumpkin Party with Danny. My friend Cheryl and her Husband Carl bought Joshua too. We dressed Thea in her little witch outfit and made tracks to the party. It was so good, Panna the leader of baby Sensory puts so much effort into all the parties she does.

There were a lot of babies all dressed up as pumpkins, monsters, vampires and mummies. It was lovely seeing all the daddy’s getting the chance to take part in the class.

We got to roll Thea on inflatable pumpkins and have a bonfire and sparklers (all baby friendly of course, no real fire)

After the bonfire we had a look at some books for sale and I went a bit book crazy and bought 3 Christmas inspired books.

While the daddy’s were playing with the baby’s the mummy’s were getting up to mischief 😀

The Pumpkin Party was brilliant and was nice for Danny to get some play time with Thea.

Later in the evening we went to Abbey Park to see the fireworks. Danny decided that he would put Thea in the carrier and wear her so she could get to see a lot more and I would hold her when the fireworks were going off. She did brilliantly, I had bought some ear defenders as I knew it would be pretty loud and she was fascinated! She didn’t make a sound when the where whizzing around in the air.

So all in all it was a very good day!

Much love

Keira x

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