Birthday Gal

It was my lovely Grandma’s birthday yesterday so me and Hayleigh took her out for afternoon tea. We went to an amazing place called Ellen Louisa’s Vintage Teas in Burbage. I had never been here before but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was such a little step back in time and everything was just so lovely and quaint. There were tables with proper vintage tea sets with matching napkins.  All the sandwiches are made to order which suited my gran as she’s doesn’t like a lot so it was nice that she got to choose.

The food was brilliant and we really enjoyed the proper traditional loose leaf tea. The owner Lynn was so nice and helpful. When we got their the highchair was all set up for Thea (love the small things) we chatted to Lynn about an old photo that was on the wall and she told us that it was of her grandma who she named the tea room after. She told us heartfelt story of why she opened the tea room, it was in honour of her grandma Ellen Louisa. She was a chronic diabetic and had to have her leg amputated later on in life. I couldn’t help but to think of my grandad who had the same thing happen to him.

This was the first birthday my grandma has had without my grandad so it was nice to keep her occupied but still talk about him without her getting upset. Thea was brilliant, we stayed for around an hour and a half and she was quite happy chomping on cheese puffs and pieces of sandwich. The whole experience was so lovely and relaxing with nostalgic music playing in the background.

When we left we headed home but took an impromptu detour to a garden centre to have a look around the Christmas deals (£60 later cough cough). My gran really enjoyed her birthday and so did me and Hayleigh

Much Love

Keira x

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