What a Weekend!

This weekend has been bloody amazing!

I had made plans with one of my best friends Alice who I don’t get to see too often so we jump to any opportunity we can. We decided to go to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and spend the day with together.

I decided to get the train as I thought that would be easier (boy was I wrong!) The train was packed and I hadn’t taken Thea’s Pushchair as I thought I would put her in my carrier and wear her around Birmingham. The amount of people that didn’t care that I had a baby and just didn’t want to give their seat up, so I was having to hold her in my arms (she wasn’t in the carrier at this point), luckily on the way there a lovely man gave me his seat and I sat next to a really delightful lady who helped me keep Thea entertained and was just my hero for the train ride. I got off the Train and Alice was already waiting for me, we went for a coffee first and Thea got to have Auntie Alice snuggles, Thea actually fell sleep her knee. We put her in the carrier and headed to the Sea Life Centre. We had a great day out and afterwards went to grab some dinner and chilled out for a bit while catching up. It felt good for the soul just to chatting away.

When we first started heading towards the Sea Life Centre we passed an amazing bakery called Medicine. They were giving away free nibbles of donuts and bread and we decided to go back after dinner to have the real deal!

We had an amazing donut each that was so moreish and caught up a little bit more before we headed back to the train station. I got on my train with literally a minute to go and stood for about 25 minutes, I honestly thought my arms were going to fall off. I managed to quickly get a seat when some people got off thankfully!

Apart from the train ride we had a wondrous day!

See my next post for more weekend adventures!

Keira x

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