Epic Cake!

It was Rhea’s birthday at the weekend and every Tuesday my mum has “Tuesday Club” where we have my Grandma and a few family friends over as well as me and Rhea. Dan asked if I could get a cake to surprise her for Tuesday club… Well I did one better and thought I would make her a cake. Now I’ve made cakes before but I decided to try a rainbow cake out. I had never done a rainbow cake before so didn’t realise how long it would take. It literally took 4 hours! I was having to cook 2 at a time letting them cool before I could put anything on them. Me and my mum had a laugh trying to throw sprinkles on the side of the cake because I really didn’t plan that part very well 😀 so I was cutting it pretty fine but it turned out really good and super tasty! Happy Birthday Rhea!

Keira x

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