Baby Classes

I got a bit crazy in my boredom at home. I was looking into all the baby classes that we could do with Thea. There was swimming, Musical classes, Baby sensory, Story classes and more!

So me being me booked them all (what the hell was I thinking) I’m going to be very busy!

We started swimming yesterday, I didn’t know what to expect but it was great. I thought she would do well as she loves the bath, definitely a water baby. She did brilliantly, no tears at all and the water was lovely and warm. It was getting out which was the hard part!

We also started baby sensory which was fab, it was aimed at babies Thea’s age so everything was lovely to play with, I was a bit worried as you find that sometimes sibling are at things like this which is fine until you get a 5-year-old trip over your baby!

So Thea was shaking her little rattles and bells and having a blast! We had rhythm time too which was lovely. I can definitely see myself booking onto more classes in the future!

Keira x

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