I still can’t believe our little bundle of joy is finally here! We are still taking it all in and enjoying the newborn snuggles.

Let me tell you about the birth experience…

After being on the ward until around 9:45pm on the 9th Feb, they were ready for me to go onto the labour ward. I was nervous as partners aren’t allowed on this ward and there are 4 beds on the ward.

They induced me straight away with a pessary and I was fine, I tried to get some shut-eye as I knew that things were going to start happening soon.

The nurses hooked me up to a monitor and within half an hour I started to get very mild cramps, I was still ok but was uncomfortable, I was having to lie on my back with monitor round me and my pelvis was killing from my SPD.

After 2 hours the nurse came round to check on me and to see if I was dilating, I was only 1cm. The cramps were getting stronger and were a bit painful, she offered me some paracetamol and I took it. I laid there with my earphones in listening to relaxing music and pregnancy affirmations to stay focused and relaxed.

Another 2 hours passed, the cramps were STRONG. I was having to breathe through them a bit more now and they were getting more painful. I was so tired but I just couldn’t sleep.

After another hour I was in full-blown pain, I was griping hold to the side of the bed and holding it with all my might going through these cramps and I kept having to get up for a wee, and then stopping in the corridor to breathe through it.

The nurse came round again and could see I was in a lot of pain, she took the pessary out and checked my cervix again, still 1cm…. I cried. Nothing was happening and I was getting frustrated. I was still on the monitor while all this was going on and then all of a sudden it started to go off. Four nurses rushed in turned all the lights on and was next to my bedside. They were turning me over and checking the monitor results. I was in complete panic. The next minute was a blur but I ended up with an IV drip with saline and some more paracetamol and everything went back to calm. I was still in complete agony at this point and around 7am the nurses and doctors checked the monitor and I was still only 1cm. They decided they were going to break my waters.

They took me into a separate room and put me on Gas and Air (great stuff!) they broke my waters and came to the realisation that I had meconium in it.

The nurses called Danny and my mum as I wanted them both there and I laid there and waited for them to arrive. I was still on gas and air at this point and the contractions were getting stronger and stronger.

As soon as they arrived they explained everything to them. the baby was still in distress and they decided the best option would be an emergency C-section. I was gutted but also wanted my baby to be safe.

My mum went into a separate waiting room and Danny got suited and booted ready to come be by my side.

I was most nervous about the epidural but the staff and doctors were so lovely and reassuring that I didn’t feel a thing (plus I was on gas and air).

They laid me down and Danny came in, I could hear the radio playing in the back ground. Sam Smith was on which coincidentally I was listening to earlier as I love his music and have concert tickets to see him next month, anyway I digress, The nurse put the sheet up and poked me all over to see if I could feel anything. I was completely numb from the chest down, it was such a weird feeling.

They started opening me up and through out they were talking to me asking how I was feeling and reassuring me.

Then I heard the cry, the newborn cry that you just don’t forget. They held up this little bundle of flesh over the curtain so Danny could tell me what gender our baby is.

It’s a Girl! I was in disbelief, this whole time me and Danny had a feeling the baby was a boy. I was over the moon. Danny sat there holding our daughter. I wanted to hold her so bad but was really shaky from the anaesthetic.

Danny took her out of the room to show my mum whilst the sewed me up. Whilst he was out of the room they transferred me to a bed and the weirdest thing was seeing my leg being dangled in front of me like it wasn’t attached to my body.

As soon as I was out of theatre my naked baby was put on my bare chest and she started to feed straight away. We hadn’t really discussed girl names but I turned to Danny and said “How about Thea” (Pronounced Thee-ah). He loved it, he said about using Olive as a middle name as it was his Grandma’s first name. Thea Olive, I love it.

I will do another post about my recovery and hospital stay…

Much love

Keira x

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