So due date has been and gone (euughhh) but today we celebrated my grandad’s life.

He had a lovely service and it was brilliant to see all the family come together to reminisce over the good days, we laughed and cried but we supported each other.

It’s been a really long day and although it was so nice to talk to family that I haven’t seen in a while we had to leave for a midwife appointment. I had been booked in for a sweep.

I had read a lot about these sweeps and they sounded uncomfortable and painful, and they were right, she attempted to do the sweep but couldn’t do it as I have something called an unfavourable cervix, Brilliant!

I had also mentioned to her that I was feeling reduced movements again, she said being as I’m overdue to go straight to the hospital and she will call it in. She explained to me that there is a high possibility of me being induced. I was so flipping nervous when she said that.

We went home to pick the hospital bag and folder with all my maternity notes and went straight to the hospital.

I was put on the monitor and yet again baby heart rate was fluctuating too much. They kept me in for further observations and after a couple of hours they gave me the option to stay in and observe me or go home and keep and eye on things, as long as I came back in the morning to be observed again, I took the latter option.

I think baby Pratt is going to make an appearance soon…

gray double bell clock
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Keira x

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