D-day tomorrow!

This past week we have been very busy (well Danny has). We have had new carpets fitted in both ours and the baby’s bedroom, and we have redecorated so it’s all feeling very fresh. We have had a new bed too (pure bliss).

I have gone through my birth plan with the midwife and Danny and we are all on board.

I wanted to go for a water birth, I’ve read a lot into it and other people’s blogs on how they loved their water births and didn’t need any interventions. I know a lot of things can change on the day but this would be how I would love it to pan out. I don’t really want any pain relief, I know I’m saying this now but I really want to experience it and see how my body handles labour. The only thing I put down was gas and air.

We packed a bag for Me and Danny for the hospital too with lots of Goodies (yuummm)

Oh and it was my lovely friend Eve’s birthday last week (Happy Birthday my lovely)

Much love

Keira x

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