Taking my time

The past few days I have tried to take my time and get myself healthy again. I still feel pretty crappy but I am being well looked after by Danny, My parents and my friends. My due date is just around the corner and I wanted to try make the most of my time before little one is here.

I have gone through my hospital bag (again), batch cooked some food and starting to put together some of the baby bits I have. I’ve also washed all the baby clothes so I’m feeling pretty prepared.

With literally 2 weeks to go, I wanted to give myself a bit of “me” time. I gave myself a mini manicure and being as I can’t reach my feet anymore my darling Danny painted my toenails (isn’t he sweet). It’s the little thing at the moment that make me feel good.

My lovely mum also came round to help (she wouldn’t actually let me lift a finger) clean up, She’s a star.

I’m really struggling to walk or get around so I basically live in the bath, I may as well be a prune.








Roll on next week.

Keira x


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