One thing after another…

After the baby shower the other day I think everything got to me, my emotions were all over the place and I ended not feeling very well.

I started getting a terrible cold and really stuffy nose and just generally felt really crap.

it was early afternoon and I realised that I hadn’t felt the baby move much. I told Danny and he made me a sandwich and got me some cold fizzy pop (normally gets bubs moving) and I waited about half an hour. Nothing happened, I started to get really anxious and decided I was going to call the maternity ward. Now I had been down before in early December and the staff were lovely and reassured me that if I had reduced movements to come straight down, so I did.

They put me on the monitor and I waited…and waited…… and waited. The nurse came in and wasn’t happy with the results. I started getting a bit nervous, she said that she was going to take my bloods and put me back on the monitor as baby’s heart was dipping a little. I explained to the nurse that I have just got over a tough day yesterday and not feeling great so she thought it was best to test me.

The bloods came back within 20 mins, and they put me on a IV drip as they thought I could be dehydrated, with 10 minutes of having extra fluid I could feel little pudding kicking away nicely and the heartbeat was nice and steady. I was in for around 5 hours in total but thankfully all is well.

you had us worried pudding, you stay safe in there.


Keira x

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