Saturday 13th January: Part 1

This morning my doorbell went at 8am – I knew straight away what this meant… Danny went downstairs and opened the front door, I heard my mum and dad in the hallway. I laid there in bed knowing what I was going to hear. My mum came into the bedroom with tears and without even speaking I knew that my dearest grandad had passed away.

I was livid, mum just laid there with me crying, I was sobbing. I had visited him in hospital and I knew he was dying but knowing that he wasn’t going to meet this new bundle of joy broke my heart. He would have absolutely cherished this baby.

As poorly as my grandad was in hospital (hallucinations and extreme pain) in the moments of clarity we chatted away like everything was fine, He knew what day it was and even knew which football team was playing on the tele, He knew I was pregnant and put his hand on my belly and smiled in excitement. My precious grandad had gone.

With a heavy heart I sat on the sofa with my cup of tea. My mum and Dad told me that I had to get dressed as they were taking me out, I have known for a couple of days that something special was happening today but was not sure what it could be. I felt numb and didn’t want to do anything but sit there with Danny’s arms around me. This leads me to my next post Part 2….

Rest In Peace Davey ❤

Keira x

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