Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, I sure did!
christmas tree with baubles
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

The run up to Christmas has been so lovely, every year me and 4 of my dearest best friends meet up on Christmas Eve and exchange presents. This year we decided to do Secret Santa which was just hilarious. We live all over the UK so it’s so delightful to have some time together and have a catch up. Honestly these ladies are the best!


I also did Secret Santa on the Facebook group I’m on (the one for pregnant ladies). So I managed to go out shopping for that. I went over the £10 budget, it’s so hard to get nice things and not go over!

I met up with the brilliant NCT Ladies and can definitely call them friends. They’re a lovely bunch and I love the fact my baby is going to have some beautiful little friends.

I also went out for my works Christmas do, It was so great to see everyone, feels like its been ages!

We spent Christmas with my parents and grandparents this year, he is still very poorly and stayed in the living room most of the day as he keeps hallucinating but perked up a bit in the evening. I love him so much, he is usually so cheery on Christmas Day. He loves to help my grandma in the kitchen on Christmas Day. He makes lovely honey glazed carrots and parsnips and roasties in goose fat. It saddened me that I couldn’t pull my Christmas cracker with him.

The day did get better though and he was in his wheelchair in the evening so he got to open his presents and join in with the fun.

Merry Christmas everyone!

two champagne glasses near baubles
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Cheers *clink*

Much Love

Keira x

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