Big and Achey

Here I am at 27 weeks, pudding is the size of a broccoli head and is as wriggly as ever! Everything hurts today. I have a sore back, my hips ache, and my legs are a bit swollen.

It’s getting hard at work now, I work in an office so I’m sat down for most of the day and I’m ridiculously uncomfortable. Every time I get up I can feel my hips grinding (eww I know). Luckily i have a great boss and he’s given me different chairs to try out and everyone at work helps me out while doing their jobs. It even hurts to roll over in bed the only way I can describe it is jumping up and landing doing the splits (killer!)

So I’m going to be talking to my midwife about it when I see her next week.

Trying to stay positive as I know that there are people who wish they could go through this …

Keira x

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