Kick Kick Kick

I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant hoorah!

I feel like I’m getting humongous (and look like it). I’ve had to buy maternity clothes, and everything is just get that bit more uncomfortable. Getting in and out of bed is a chore and I have downgraded Danny and now sleep with a giant 6ft pillow (sorry not sorry).

Poor Danny is helping me with everything though, like getting up. For example I laid down after a long day at work and fell sleep on the sofa, I had to wait til Danny got in from work just so I could get up, I was well and truly stuck.

Migraines are a killer at the moment, I sat at work looking like right tit with one of those sticky migraine patches on my forehead!

The great thing about this week is that I have finally started feel big old kicks from our little pud. It’s been amazing. I remember talking to my friend from work before I was pregnant on how I thought I would be really creeped out feeling something kick inside me (like something out of the film alien 🤣) but it just felt amazing. I absolutely love it!

Keira x

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