For our Honeymoon we decided we would go away for 2 weeks (why the hell not!). So here we are in beautiful Italy, Danny did a really good job finding this location and booking it. We are staying in Costermano next to Lake Garda.


The weather has been beautiful, hot and sunny, the hottest its been is around 35ºC (Sweaty Mama!). Although being 4 months pregnant in this heat I’ve had to stay in the shade and cool off in the pool a lot more, Unlike Danny who has already got a tan (I’m not Jealous). We also have had some insane thunderstorms at night which have been amazing also its cooled the air down so has been more comfy at night.

The Lake is a 10 min drive and we have done so much walking! The restaurants along the Harbour and riverside are so lovely. Oh and were also Celebrating Danny’s 29th Birthday (Happy Birthday Babe)


What’s even better is my sickness has pretty much gone now so I’m fully enjoying being pregnant and I’ve all of a sudden popped a preggo belly from nowhere!



So being as we are away for 2 weeks we wouldn’t get to see the end of Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy (we honestly couldn’t wait :D), so we decided to take an iPad with us and catch up before we went to bed. Did you see the last episode (I’m shook!)

Heres 2 cheeky scans before we came away 😛

Keira x

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