Scan Happy

Ok ok we went a bit over board on the scans but we love seeing our little pudding.

We had been to the doctors and midwives appointment (feel like a pin cushion) and to top it off I have O- blood so I must have a couple of injections when I’m further down the line.

So far I have had horrible nausea and headaches, I’m basically living off ginger biscuits, crackers and water. I eat little and often and so far so good.

We booked another Private Scan and oh my word little kidney bean is the size of a fig! We could see arms, legs, hands and feet! Bubs was doing roly polys!

img_3887Oh hello there

We also got our 12 week scan letter through so we got to see pudding twice this month. I still can’t believe there’s a tiny human in there! (Stay warm and cosy in there)

img_3884.jpgMake yourself comfy

Much Love

Keira x

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