Scans and Announcement

My first reaction was that I wanted to tell everyone, But I put my mature hat on and thought we should wait a little and let me and Danny enjoy this time together, this was our little special secret. What I did realise is that it was Father’s Day in a few weeks and this would be a golden opportunity to tell our immediate family.

I bought these beaut little wooden coasters as a Father’s Day gift and got them engraved on the back “Baby Pratt Due February 2018”. My Dad was getting a bit impatient on the grandad front so I knew he would be made up. Father’s Day was on the 18th June and we managed to book a private scan for the 17th bonus!

grandadBest kind of promotion

We wanted to book a private scan for peace of mind, I felt ok in myself but there is always that nagging doubt in the back of my mind and I was really nervous when we went, I could tell Danny was too but I think he tried to hide it for me.

We went along for the scan and with lots of prodding around there it was, a little 1cm kidney bean-shaped embryo (Hello Pudding). We were amazed, so early on and we could clearly see a little heart beating away nicely. I was in complete awe, this little human was tucked away warm and safe inside me.

scan 1Little Pudding

The scan went really well and they figured out I was around 7 weeks pregnant and due around February 5th 2018 (I had already worked this out). We got the scans and prepared to tell the family the next day I was so excited!

We went round my parents first, I had brought my dad a Bee House for the garden so he opened that up and then I gave him the little coaster in its box, he popped his glasses on and opened it up. In disbelief he looked up at me and said “You’re not are you?” (obviously thinking I was playing a joke) I nodded my head and he practically leapt over the table (and my mum) and was overwhelmed with happiness, it was so funny, he even thought my mum was in on the secret, she was super happy and excited too and then we told my brother who was already planning everything he was going to do with the little Bub ( he was going to do all the kid stuff from back in the day) the scan was passed around and my grandparents came just in time to see too, their faces were a made up, it was a great day! We told Danny’s parents and brothers in the same fashion and they too were absolutely delighted!

We are going to wait until the 12 week mark to tell the rest of the family and our friends. Now we wait for the Doctors Appointment…..

Keira x

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