The Journey Begins

So things are finally starting to go back to normal (whatever that is!) after the wedding of my dreams a few weeks ago. We won’t be honeymooning for 3 months as our fur babies are going to the grandparents for some TLC over the summer holidays. We always wanted to start a family and I had bought one of those ovulation kits to start figuring my cycles and ovulation days out once we had come back from Italy in August….Well, after a long day I realised that I hadn’t received mother nature’s gift (thanks mother nature) I’m usually like clockwork. It was about 10pm and I decided to use the pregnancy test from the ovulation kit, I really wasn’t expecting anything. I did the test and there it was, the 2 pink lines, I am PREGNANT! I feel so excited/nervous/anxious. I took the test in to Danny and showed him it with a shaky nervous hand, we just couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t sleep at all (note to self, don’t take pregnancy tests before bed). As soon as 8am came around we went straight to the shops and bought some more tests because obviously one isn’t enough!

So here we are on this wonderful, exciting journey, Thanks for joining me!

Keira x

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